Franco Ojeda Delgado

Franco Ojeda was a community leader and sports promoter. Since 2011 he had been working for the Instituto Municipal para la Recreación y el Deporte, Pasto Deporte, (Municipal Institute for Recreation and Sport, Pasto Deporte) where he had been involved in organising sporting activities in rural areas.

In his earlier years he had been a semi-professional footballer and had played for many well known teams. Franco was also a lawyer and had previously been a member of the Pasto City Council.

On 21 October, 2020, Franco was shot in the Mariluz area of Pasto city. He was transferred to hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

It appears that in the days leading up to his murder he had had arguments with people in his area who were involved in illegal activities and who had set up an illegal security operation.

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Date of Killing:21/10/2020

Type of Work:Community leader

Organisation:Exconcejal y dirigente deportivo en la comunidad

Sector or Type of Rights the HRD Worked On:ESC Rights

Sector Detail:Citizens' rights, Peasant Communities

More information:Front Line Defenders

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Fotografía.- Cordoba, M., “La gran pérdida de Franco Javier Ojeda Delgado”, Informativo del Guaico, 21 de octubre de 2020.
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