Fredy Yesid Chisco Garcia

Source: Redmas, Boyaca Extra


49 year old Fredy Yesid Chisco García was a community leader and former president of the Community Action Board of the El Rubí neighbourhood of Villavicencio (Meta).

He was one of the founders of the El Rubí neighbourhood and carried out important social work to benefit not only that community, but other areas of the capital.

Fredy was president of the Communal Action Board of the aforementioned neighbourhood, and the during his work he had been threatened many times. Until the last day of his life, he had expressed his concern with the lack of support for communities in that area.


The Source: Noticias llaneras, Boyaca Extra

The Killing

At around 4:30 pm, in the Porfía neighbourhood of the city of Villavicencio, Fredy Yesid Chisco García was shot dead; when two men arrived at the establishment where the victim was working and shot him twice in the head; he was transferred to the Health Center in the same neighbourhood where he was declared dead on arrival.

The suspects arrived on a black Suzuki Best motorcycle and then fled. A vehicle, Renault Logan, black colour, plate ending in 88 is also thought to be involved in the murder.


Source: Diario Del Cauca,

The Investigation

Thanks to an operation carried out between the Gaula Militar Meta, the counter-intelligence Battalion No. 4 of the National Army, in coordination with the Investigative Commission against Organized Crime No. 7 and the Dijin of the National Police, in the municipality of Granada, Meta; ‘Kenya’, alleged leader in the zone of the organized armed group Puntilleros, Meta Bloc, was arrested.

In addition to other criminal acts, the captured man is accused of participating in the murder of recognized social leader, Fredy Yesid Chisco García on the 22nd March 2019, in the neighbourhood of Porfía, in Villavicencio.


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Date of Killing:22/03/2019

Previous Threats:Yes

Type of Work:Social leader

Organisation:Communal Action Board

Sector or Type of Rights the HRD Worked On:ESC Rights

Sector Detail:Citizens' rights, Housing Rights

More information:Front Line Defenders

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