José Arled Muñoz Giraldo

José Arled Muñoz Giraldo was shot dead outside  his business establishment, by two men on a motorcycle on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 in Tuluá, Valle del Cauca. José was listed in the national victim register, Registro Único de Víctimas, after being displaced from Risaralda in 2012 as a consequence of being the victim of direct attacks against him by paramilitary groups in the region.

In Tuluá, José once again began receiving threats because of his work in the victim defence unit Mesa Municipal de Víctimas, where he defended the rights of people that suffered some form of disability as a result of the war. He was also an active member of the organization Afro Unidos del Pacífico, which defends afro descendants’ rights.

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Department/Province/State:Valle del Cauca



Date of Killing:26/06/2019

Previous Threats:Yes

Type of Work:Community leader

Organisation:Afro Unidos del Pacífico; Mesa Municipal de Víctimas

Sector or Type of Rights the HRD Worked On:ESC Rights

Sector Detail:Afro Descendant Rights, Disability Rights

More information:Front Line Defenders

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