Luis Manuel Salamanca Galindez.

Consternation in the municipality of San Agustín, department of Huila, in south western Colombia, for the murder of renowned anthropologist and social leader Luis Manuel Salamanca Galindez.  Local authorities have offered a reward to find the perpetrators of the crime.

The murder of the renowned cultural leader in the municipality of San Agustín has caused great outrage in the department. Salamanca Galíndez, a graduate of the National University, was known for his work as a cultural activist in San Agustín, a municipality that preserves some of the most important archaeological treasures of Colombia, which is why it is visited by foreign and Colombian tourists.

Luis Manuel was a distinguished campaigner to protect the cultural heritage of Colombia and it has been suggested that the motive for the killing was a dispute over land boundaries in a contested area.

According to reports Luis Manuel was starting out on a night tour of San Martin Park in the Los Yalcones neighbourhood when an unknown gunman approached him and without a word shot him twice, leaving him seriously injured.

Some people, including his wife were alarmed to hear the shots and after a few moments they discovered Luis Manuel on the ground while his attacker escaped without being noticed.

Luis Manuel was immediately transferred to the E.S.E Hospital Arsenio Repizo Vanegas, but he was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

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Date of Killing:11/05/2019

Type of Work:Teacher

Organisation:Universidad Macional

Sector or Type of Rights the HRD Worked On:ESC Rights

Sector Detail:Environmental Rights

More information:Front Line Defenders

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