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The preliminary autopsy of the member of the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP), Rodolfo Orellana, determined that he was killed by a ” bullet” that hit him in the back”. This was confirmed by Buenos Aires prosecutor Julio Conte Grand on Friday, before the provincial Security Minister, Cristian Ritondo, stated that he did not rule out “inappropriate police action.”

“The preliminary autopsy determined the entry of a firearm bullet in the area of ​​the scapula, in the back and with exit through the facial area at the level of the nose,” said Conte Grand in statements to channel C5N, where he also pointed out that “this autopsy can not determine the caliber of the projectile because it was not inside” the body. Orellana was killed as was taking part in a land occupation in the Buenos Aires town of Ciudad Evita, in the La Matanza district.

From the beginning, CTEP has blamed the provincial police for the killing, although the security force tried to preempt that version by stating that “it was not a bullet” that killed the 36-year-old man, but a knife. According to the provincial security force, Rodolfo’s body showed evidence of “an entrance hole in the scapula caused by a sharp weapon, but that this could not necessarily have caused” his death.

However, this morning Conte Grand confirmed that Orellana was shot in the back. Later, Minister Ritondo indicated that although the initial examination had indicated that a “puncture wound” wound had caused the death of Orellana, he pointed out that it is now reported that the victim was shot, as confirmed by the Buenos Aires attorney general, Julio Conte Grand. “I regret the death of Orellana,” said Ritondo, who said that when a call was received on line 911, it was reported that there was a clash between sectors.

Meanwhile, Conte Grand said that the land where the conflict occurred “was protected by personnel of the Police of the province of Buenos Aires” but said that “these personnel did not carry lethal weapons.” “At the time of the incident , some of the troops from nearby units were approaching,” said the Buenos Aires prosecutor’s chief, and said that they are “investigating whether or not they had firearms.” The secretary general of the CTEP, Esteban “Gringo” Castro, said that members of that organization say that the shot against Orellana “was fired by a blonde police officer”. “


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Department/Province/State:Buenos Aires


Date of Killing:22/11/2018

Previous Threats:No information

Type of Work:Community leader

Organisation:Organización Libres del Pueblo

Sector Detail:Land Rights, Peasant Communities

More information:Front Line Defenders

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