Vipin Agarwal

Vipin Agarwal

Extract from HRD Alert India appeal;

Mr. Vipin Agrawal was an RTI and anti-corruption activist and had filed hundreds of RTIs. He had also filed a PIL in the Patna high court leading to the sealing of a petrol pump and evictions on encroached land.

Mr. Agarwal had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Patna High Court regarding 8 acres of land encroached in the Harsiddhi market in 2013. Due to this, HRD received several death threats. He had appealed to the police and administrative officials asking them to provide police protection but did not receive it.. In 2015, he met District Collector Mr. Raman Kumar and made a formal appeal seeking police protection. Mr. Kumar had assured him of support but no protection was provided to him.

When the construction on the encroached land was bulldozed as per the High Court’s order on February 16, 2020, a mob of 100 people attacked and ransacked his house and assaulted his family members.  During this assault, Mr. Agrawal was not present at his home. The mob misbehaved with his wife and assaulted his family members. Mr. Agrawal lodged a written complaint against the perpetrators. Despite the serious attack, no action was taken against the accused. The HRD wrote to different authorities demanding protection highlighting the threat to his life. However, no protection was provided.

Mr. Agrawal was shot dead by two bike-borne assailants on September 24, 2021. The police have now arrested the culprits who were also mentioned in the complaint filed with police after the attack on his house.



Extract from The Wire;

Six months after his father was shot dead in broad daylight, Right to Information activist Vipin Agarwal’s 14-year-old son died by suicide on March 25, Friday 2022.

Family members have said that the teenager – the RTI activist’s eldest son – had been deeply disturbed with the fact that police had not taken action to arrest the main culprits in the case.

After the incident, the teenager’s grandfather Vijay Agarwal released a video in which he said said, “My grandson had gone to the SP (superintendent of police) office in Motihari town to seek justice. From there he came agitated and ended his own life. We took him to the hospital, where he died.”


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Vipin Agarwal






Date of Killing:24/09/2021

Previous Threats:Threats reported to authorities

Type of Work:Community leader

Sector or Type of Rights the HRD Worked On:ESC Rights

Sector Detail:Abuse of power/corruption, Human Rights Documentation, Land Rights

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