Palanivelu .

31-year-old Palanivelu from Periyakottai, Tamil Nadu in India, was found murdered. Palanivelu was a community leader and Dalit minority human rights’ activist.

Palanivelu was spearheading the youth movement against the alleged illicit liquor racket in his region that was pivotal in poisoning the youth and served to create a dangerous environment for women in the immediate area.

Not much information is made available regarding Palanivelu. However what is made clear is the tensions that exist within the Dalit community for Dalit human rights activists, as it was revealed that his aggressors and murderers were from the same Dalit caste, backed by the illegal liquor racketeers.


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Departamento/Província/Estado:Tamil Nadu



Data da morte:22/09/2019

Organização:Community Leader

Setor ou Tipo de Direitos que o/a DDH trabalhava:Direitos Civis e Políticos, Direitos ESC

Detalhes do Setor:Direitos das minorias

Maiores informações:Front Line Defenders

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