Quezon – the Philippines: Assassination of Indigenous Rights Defender

On 3 February, 2017 Renato Anglao was travelling back home on his motorcycle with his wife and 5 year old child after buying some school supplies in the town centre in Quezon, Bukidnon when suddenly another motorcycle, with three unidentified men on board, drove alongside and shot Renato Anglao twice in the head. He died instantly. The three men, wearing hoods over their heads, sped off after the incident. Renato was rushed to hospital but was declared dead-on-arrival. Renato’s wife and child, though still in shock, were uninjured.

Renato Anglao was an active member of the TINDOGA, an indigenous peoples’ organisation representing the Manobo-Pulangion tribe in Brgy. Botong, Quezon, Bukidnon. TINDOGA staunchly opposes the entry of agri-business plantations which are encroaching on their ancestral lands. They won back their ancestral land and had secured its legal title two years ago despite moves by Rancho Montalvan, owned by Maramag Vice Mayor Pablo Lorenzo, to introduce a plantation on it.

The members of TINDOGA have been accused of supporting the CPP-led New People’s Army which killed three military personnel in an armed clash on February 1.