Joiner Yesid Velásquez Rodríguez

There was dismay in the municipality of Pailitas, south of Cesar, due to the murder of a young man, aged 18, inside his home.

Joiner Yesid Velásquez Rodríguez, was killed with a firearm after a man attacked him 6 times, all while the 18-year-old was in the living room of his home.

Although people tried to help him the serious injuries caused his death.

As a result of this situation, the community is dismayed, because the 18-year-old was an outstanding student, considering that lately he had been the top student in the Educational Institution Our Lady of El Carmen. He was also a student representative and had advocated for student rights. .

Pailitas judicial police authorities are on the trail of the person responsible for this bloody act.

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Регион:Северная и Южная Америка


Департамент/Провинция/Штат:департамент Сесар



Дата убийства:17/06/2018

Предшествовавшие угрозы:Сведений нет

Организация:Student representative and youth leader of the Torcorama neighbourhood

Сектор, в котором работал правозащитник, или тип прав, которыми он занимался:Экономические, социальные и культурные права

Описание сектора:Гражданские права, Право на образование

Подробнее:Front Line Defenders

1В базе данных отражается гендерная идентичность, выбранная самим человеком. Если человек не считает себя ни мужчиной, ни женщиной, можно выбрать вариант "иное" или воспользоваться термином "небинарная гендерная идентичность" (НГИ). .